A coaching relationship consists of an Orientation Session followed by a series of coaching sessions (50 minutes each). An orientation session followed by seven coaching sessions is recommended. Most clients fine about three weeks between coaching sessions is optimal. Set up a free sample session to try coaching with no obligation. 

The Orientation Session is a chance for the Coach and the Client to get to know one another, to set goals, and for necessary agreements to be made (e.g. confidentiality).

If there is a desire to involve a third party, such as the Manager of the Client, a separate session with the Client, Coach and Manager will be added at the beginning of the coaching relationship.

Clients complete a one-page form before the Orientation Session. No other preparation is needed before the Orientation Session; the Coach will have questions and will raise a variety of topics with the Client. By the end of the Orientation Session, the goals for the coaching journey will be established.

Moving forward, the Client will be asked to bring a topic to each coaching session. Topics usually arise from the goals established at the beginning; also, sometimes new topics emerge as the coaching progresses. The decision about the topic for coaching always rests with the Client.

Fees for coaching vary depending on whether you are an individual, a corporation or a not for profit organization. Please contact us for more information.

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